MDE Management & Sales advises private individuals and companies on the purchase or sale of aircraft, on financing and on comprehensive issues relating to the operation of their own aircraft, as well as on successful marketing.

For 10 years, experienced specialists have been advising our clients on the acquisition, sale and operation of their own aircraft, and even entire company fleets. We provide our clients with individual and long-term sustainable solutions for ownership, operation and management of their assets. Many years of industry knowledge, outstanding networking and a high degree of industry presence form a platform as a basis for a sustainably secure and profitable investment.

We ensure the conclusion and implementation of optimal maintenance contracts and engine program. The aim here is to create the most efficient and practical solution for the economic operation of the aircraft. This includes possible cost reductions through crew pools, fleet insurance or fuel hedging. If desired, our MDE charter sales department can charter out your own aircraft to third party customers, thus generating a considerable contribution margin to fixed costs.

From the purchase and financing to the maintenance and operation of your aircraft, from the recruitment of pilots to the handling of all flight details, MDE Management & Sales ensures that your investment pays off. After all, you should be able to concentrate fully on two things: enjoying your aircraft and your flights.

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